Out of the struggle to overcome their own challenges with growing up in a world that attempts to brand each individual into their own compartment, Mike and Natalie Hetherly, along with their two grown sons, Blake and Brandon, founded BE YOUR BRAND.

They are a family of entrepreneurs but life has not come easily for them. Blake, Brandon and Mike are dyslexic. Watching the boys go through the educational system where standardized testing is now a benchmark of success was very frustrating, and at times overwhelming for Mike. As a parent, he did not want testing metrics to define or label his boys.

Fortunately they each eventually understood the importance of embracing who they are and the importance of believing in themselves regardless of outside influences. They now want to be a source of support and encouragement for others to do the same.


Globalism, Technology, Individualism, Financial Divides

As young people work to determine their individualism, it’s important that they also feel like a member of a community. Globalism and technology were once heralded as a means to bring individuals together but are proving to also be a source of deep feelings of isolation as each person struggles to define their own place in the world, while holding on to the cultures they once felt comfort in.

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